Frequently Asked Questions

Onlypult is a service of scheduled posts in Instagram. You can upload and publish photos and videos from your computer and smartphone, keep a calendar of publications, use photo-filters, manage from 1 to 40 Instagram-accounts at once, grant access to SMM-specialist without providing passwords from your Instagram brand account. You can view analytics of your accounts, make reposts of chosen subscribers, save the most used tags in a list, put geolocation and delete scheduled posts with the use of a timer.

These are some pretty philosophical issues. In short, SMM means social media marketing and scheduled posting means preparing social media updates to be posted later. If you don't have anything to do with SMM, don’t rush to leave us — our statistics show that 15% of our users are regular Instagramers who just love posting images from the web.

Instagram posts are images already posted on your Instagram account — not necessarily via Onlypult.

Planner is a tool for precise calendar planning. For instance, you have a weekly media plan for months ahead. Just set the exact posting times on a weekly basis and keep adding photos.

If you are having problems posting pictures via Onlypult, it’s probably because your Instagram account is not verified. Instagram often sends a verification request, so if that is the case, you need to log into your Instagram account from your phone or from the web and prove you’re not a bot. (Instagram will ask you to solve a captcha or verify your phone number.)

Calendar is an alternative to Add post. You just reverse the order — first select a date, then upload a photo, apply filters, and write a caption.

In addition, Calendar helps in visualizing your publication schedule.

Another advantage of our service is competent analytics of Instagram accounts and user activity. To start working with Analytics, click on “Analytics" in the top menu.

If the Onlypult service asks you for an additional e-mail confirmation, please, follow the instructions. We pay high attention to protecting your accounts, so do not be afraid of the extra security verification.

Analytics is divided into three tabs:

  • Audience;
  • Engagement;
  • Optimization.

You can tap on each tab in upper menu.

If you connected a new Instagram account, Analytics can be set up to several minutes. And it’s possible that it may take a little more time. So if you see the message below, you know that the system is updating and the analytics will be available to you in a couple of hours.

For previously linked accounts, analytics are already available. Take a look at what is available in Analytics. There are general analytics from the start of the account and analytics by day, week, month and six months. You can choose the period in the upper right corner:

The three Analytics tabs are:

Audience shows the overall statistics of an Instagram account.

It displays the number of subscribers and the subscribers’ growth for the selected period (maximum, average, etc.).

This information is displayed in a coherent chart.

Engagement is an internal statistics account activity.

Here you can see the following information for a selected period: the number of published posts, the number of likes, the number of comments, the average number of likes per post, and the average number of comments per post.

In addition, you can see the number of likes and comments per post by the name of interactions in the charts.

Optimization is an index that shows you the best time for posting the publication.

As you already know, interactions are the sum of likes and comments per post. For better understanding, all the data from the chart is arranged in a clear and concise infographic, according to which you can predict the best time to publish posts on your account. For example, according to this schedule, the best time for the publication of the post in our OnlyPult account is Thursday at 8:00 PM. So let’s check it out.

Another useful tool is the hashtags statistics. The charts show your most popular hashtags, which have received the highest number of likes and comments. Yes, our main discovery is that not only posts, but also hashtags are getting Likes!

Let the discoveries begin ...

We are constantly improving the Onlypult service and continuing to work on improving the quality and quantity of the data in the Analytics section.

With the Favorites function, you can follow your competitors, carry out contests and quickly form the content.

You can add interesting accounts in one selection and see all competitors’ publications in one place.

You can also use the search by hashtags or accounts and make reposts of a required publication in just one click.

Getting started

To start working, select Planner in the Posting tab. Here you’ll see a friendly screen with posts schedule settings for one week:

Making schedule

To create a schedule for future publications you need:

  1. Click “+” on the cell you want
  2. Click “Add time” and set the time of the publication

The blue square shows the number of publications for certain days of the week. And by clicking on the square, you can check the exact time of the publication for the certain period.

Adding posts

When you have your schedule ready, click “Next step” to add your posts:

Upload all the images (for the videos you can use single-file upload only) and then click “Next step”:

Important: bulk upload supports images only in jpeg, jpg and png formats. To work with videos, please use the single-file upload.

Next you can add text, hashtags and geo-tags to your posts.
Please note, that you can add text both for each post individually, and through the general description – in this case it will be copied to all posts.
The date and time for all posts are set automatically according to the time grid selected in the previous step. When you move your post, the time of the publication changes as well. When everything is set, click “Save”.

Ok, now everything is set; you did a great job, as you always do!

If you need to add a file to the certain time in the calendar, just click “+”, choose the time and add your image or video.

You can find all the posts created in the Planner both in the Calendar and in your planned posts. All the posts from the Planner are marked with correspondent icon. Also you can use an easy filter, which allows you to choose posts to show:

Editing posts

Important: you can’t edit the time of the post that already has been saved – it’s strictly attached to the specific time slot and cannot be rescheduled. If you need to reschedule any of your posts, you should delete it and then create it again right here or in Scheduled posts.

To edit the content of a post, click on the correspondent button next to it:

What’s next?

Enjoy your automatic posting according to the plan! And here are some tips if something needs to be changed:

  1. To add several files click “Add multiple posts”
  2. To set the planner schedule click “Planner settings”
  3. To switch between calendar view modes click “week” or “month”
  4. You can add additional posts to the cells marked with blue
  5. The cells marked with gray don´t have available space for more posts

You can give posting rights to multiple managers without fearing that an ex-employee can hijack your brand’s account or bring damage to your company in any way.

It’s really easy to add a manager.

Removing a manager is just as easy.

Select an account. Go to Settings. Click Remove Manager next to that unfortunate employee of yours.

You need to go to the SCHEDULE POSTS, direct your mouse to the post that requires editing. After that, you will see icon settings. Your post opens, and you can edit it.

You can change your time zone in the Account Settings.

If you want your Instagram account to have an individual IP address, you can connect your own proxy. To use your own proxy server in, you need to login to the required account, click on Settings and add information in Proxy settings (IP, port, login, password) and click "Check the proxy server". After a successful test, you can save the proxy server and all publications will pass through it. All fields need to be completed. You can purchase proxy from a seller in your country.

To make a repost in Instagram via Onlypult you need to go to "Favorites", choose search # or search @ and once you have found the required photo click on Repost. If you want your publication to have the repost mark, you need to put a check mark beside "add the repost mark".

Save your time adding hashtags! You can add popular tags which we split by categories. Please click on the # icon and choose a hashtag category. After that the tags will be added to the publication text in the place where the shunt is.

If you want to add the tags you often use, but you don’t want to type them everytime, you can use the “My tags” function. Please press # and choose the “My tags” category. After that add the tags and click on «Аdd». When all the tags you need will be added - click on «Insert all». All tags will automatically appear in the publication text in the place, where the shunt is located. «My tags» will also be saved for other publications.

Click on 'add geotag' at the bottom of the redactor. After that the search box will appear. Enter the exact address of the organization or the name of the geo position. If you don't find the geo position, make sure that there is such position on Facebook.
By the way, there is a simple instruction to do, when you want to add a geo position of a new place.

You will see the list of organizations in the range of 300 m. Choose the right organization and click 'add geotag'.

You can publish videos in Instagram via web.
Please choose the video from your computer, smartphone or url. You can add videos up to 20 Mb of the following formats: mov, mp4, avi, wmv. After the video is uploaded, you can choose a 15 second piece. If the video is less than 15 seconds, the video will load right away. After that, edit the post and choose the time of publication. Then press “Publish”. All set!

To leave a comment, click on the post in the Onlypult timeline, a window with the editor and comments will open.
You can leave a comment by clicking on “reply” without exiting Onlypult.
You can also immediately go to Instagram by clicking on the image.

When you invite a manager to manage your Instagram account, the manager does not pay for the subscription service because you have paid for your Onlypult account. Your manager will work on the given access until the end of the subscription of your Onlypult account. However, if your manager wants to manage his own Instagram accounts, he will have to pay for the subscription. When his subscription finishes, he sees the grey bar at the top of the screen. However, he may still lead your account.

There are four reasons why the post is not publishing:

1. You haven’t accepted a request from Instagram for password confirmation.

What is Instagram verification?

If you are having problems posting pictures via Onlypult, it's probably because your Instagram account is not verified.

Instagram often sends a verification request, so if that is the case, you need to log into your Instagram account from your phone or from the web and prove you're not a bot. (Instagram will ask you to solve a captcha or verify your phone number.)

2. You might have chosen the wrong time zone.

You need to select the correct time zone for your city / country. You can change your time zone in the Account Settings.

3. You have changed the password in Instagram.

When you have changed the password in the Instagram account, you have to log in to Onlypult, click on the “add photo” option, after which the window will appear confirming your password. Enter new information, and then you will be able to add new posts. So, the posts that were scheduled will be published.

4. You log in to Onlypult and Instagram with different devices and from different locations.

If you log into Instagram and are working in Onlypult with different devices - a computer and a telephone, change your IP. Sometimes Instagram thinks you have been cracked and asks to verify (see reason 1).

If you didn’t manage to find an address or organization on Onlypult, you need to add them on In a couple of hours - 1 day the data will appear on Onlypult.

Please note that connects up to 50 organizations in the range of 100 meters to the chosen address.

If you didn’t find the required organization, open a map on Onlypult and choose the required building on the map, after which click on it. Then scroll down the list of organizations and choose the correct one.

All the information on pricing and plans is available here. For your convenience, here’s a screenshot.

There are three payment options. The most important thing is to select the currency correctly. Then you will just need to confirm your payment.

If the payment system shows errors related to Onlypult or if you are having problems renewing your account, please contact our support team right away. Actually, never hesitate to contact us - we love to hear from you!

It is secure. According to our privacy policy, we do not share your personal information with any third parties.

If you want to become our partner – e-mail our technical support (