Terms of Service

Terms of Service

After you register at onlypult.com, our relationship with you will be governed by the Terms of Service. We don’t want to confuse you with legal terms, so we did our best to make Onlypult Terms of Service clear and understandable.


Rights and Responsibilities of the Service

  1. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, you trust our professionalism and may use onlypult.com. In our turn, we shall ensure adequate protection of user information, including personal data, from any unauthorized access and disclosure.
  2. Being a mere tool for work, the Service onlypult.com shall not be liable for any direct, consequential, accidental, and unintentional damages including loss of goodwill.
  3. The Management of the Service has the right to send the service, information and other types of e-mails and InApp messages.
  4. The Management of onlypult.com shall not be liable for any content on the User's pages published using the service and for suspension of its social network accounts.
  5. The Management of the Service onlypult.com may unilaterally suspend the User’s access to the service without prior notice.
  6. The Management of the Service onlypult.com may limit the service's functionality without prior notice.
  7. When amending these Terms, the Service onlypult.com  shall be entitled, but not required, to notify you.


Rights and Responsibilities of the User

  1. The User may use all features of the Service onlypult.com, and provide suggestions on the improvement of the service’s tools.
  2. The User shall not use the service to publish any illegal, offensive, pornographic, or hate content.
  3. The User shall be solely liable for all matters related to intellectual property rights for published content.
  4. The User shall be personally and legally liable for all content published using the service onlypult.com.
  5. Onlypult has the right to block/delete a user without a refund if the user's actions are considered as spam (publication of an identical content (same text and photo)) more than 100 publications in 24 hours.


Your suggestions regarding the service are always welcome. So if you have any questions or ideas related to the work of onlypult.com, we will be happy to receive them at support@onlypult.com or via our online support chat.